First up the late, great Dennis Jackson. No need for explanations -
this man is included just for his general wackiness!!
Gary Douglas Watson​

Nickname: Wocko

Current Job: Chef? at Queens Medical Centre

Why included: Famous over the years for his classic one-liners:

1. GDW - "Whats the score?", Answer - "1 - 1", GDW - "Who's winning?"

2. GDW - "Is this match live?", Answer - "No Gary, its Escape to Victory'

3. Pilot announces "On our way to Florida we will be stopping to refuel in Bangor", GDW - "Why are we refueling in Wales?"

4. On Blackpool Beach listening to Radio 1, GDW - "This is rubbish put Radio Trent on"

5. GDW - "Lads if you answer this footy question, in Shoot magazine, there are 10 footballs to be won", The question was duly answered and GDW replied - "If I win I'll have one of the balls, you can have one, what shall I do with the other 8?" 

6. Eight lads were on a tour of the coastal resorts of England. They stopped at Bridlington, but could only find one Guest house (B & B) that would put them all up, but they had to share the same room (some kipping on the floor). They were told by the Landlord that it would be £8. When asked for his money GDW replied - "I'll give you my pound when I get some change!!"

7. In Lindos, GDW got really bad sun burnt legs, so bad that the skin was peeling off in droves. He got told, by some Manchester lads, that Yoghurt was good for it. The next day there he was, going down to the beach with his legs covered in strawberries!! 

8. At the Admiral Rodney Monday night quiz, in the early 1990s, this question was posed - 'An insect flies from the back towards the front of a bus at 1 m/s. The bus is moving at 10 m/s. What is the speed of the insect?' GDW - "Ask Mick Scott he'll know he's a Bus-Driver"

9. Legenday Indian meal orderer too - Indian Waiter says - "What would you like for your main course Sir?" GDW - "Chicken Baltimore" or "Chicken Rose and Josh" 

10. Asked in another quiz the question - "What was the name of the record that was always asked for in the Clint Eastwood film Play Misty for me?" GDW - "How am I supposed to know I've never seen the film!" 

11. Another question was asked - "What Second World War organisation is an anagram of POSTAGE?" GDW - "Is it the S.S!" 

12. Asked by a waitress, at the Old Spot pub in Daybrook, how to get to Goose fair Gary said, "Go down Mansfield Road into Nottingham and when you get to the big duck turn right."

13. Says he's soon to get a new mobile phone, from Carpet Warehouse!

  1. Wocko
  2. Young Gary & Afro
    Young Gary & Afro
  3. June 12 2004
    June 12 2004
The utterly fantastic, Derek 'Nobby' Watson.
Pictured, centre, with his great mates, Ken Rhodes and Johnny Williams
Former Job: Collier at Calverton.​

Why included: For his dedication to the game he loves, Darts.  He has been one of the best players in the county for donkeys years. Together with Mick Radford they are the best and most dedicated 'Darts' players this village has ever produced bar none. 

Rob Taylor​

Why included: He is in for the game he loves,  8-Ball Pool.

Calverton has a history of great Pool players, the first man to introduce tournament play into this village, and possibly Nottinghamshire, was Vic Leaper in the 1970's. I've seen them all in my time From Vic's great side, of the early eighties that won every cup available to them, to the present day lot. But in all that time nobody has shown such passion and commitment to the game than Rob Taylor. I've been in teams, with him for the old Welfare, White Lion and Cherry Tree and he just loves to win. I recall a game for the White Lion, in the eighties, when Rob played a guy called Ron Bettison (Green Dragon). Now Ron had a reputation for being a bit of a tactician (thats Pool jargon for slow) and at that time Rob for a good Sunday night on the booze. 

But in the game Robs will to win was apparent from the off. After an hours tip-tapping around the table, the leg was abandoned as a rerack. This was because neither player gave an inch and the referee deemed that no progress was being made. The leg was replayed and Rob won this drawn out affair over another hour later! - What price he's still the Captain of the Cherry Tree Pool team in 20 years time?