The Crown is a biopic drama television series, created and written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for Netflix. The show is a biographical story about the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The first season, comprising 10 one-hour episodes, was released in its entirety on November 4, 2016. Reception to the series was overwhelmingly positive, with critics praising cast performances, direction, writing, cinematography, production values, and relatively accurate historical accounts of Queen Elizabeth's reign. 

During season one, in episode eight, Calverton gets a huge shout. This was when they recreated Princess Margaret visiting the colliery in 1954. Here, for your pleasure, is the scene in question.


Announcer, "Princess Margaret dons white overalls when she visits Calverton Colliery in Nottinghamshire. A visit to the coal-face,  a quarter of a mile underground, is included in her tour of the colliery which is recognised as one of the most modern in Europe. After all most an hour underground the Princess brings back a souvenir, a piece of coal she hewed herself."
Reporter, "Did you enjoy the mining your Royal Highness?"
Princess Margaret, "I did, very much, although it was jolly dusty down there. Some even went into my mouth. But, I can assure you it tasted delicious." 

Cue laughter from everyone.
Reporter, "Do you have any sympathy for the miners that work there?"
Princess Margaret, "One can't help but have sympathy for anyone who has to spend their working life down there. It's horribly dark, hot and cramped. To my eyes the conditions are very perilous, for those poor brave men underground, for so very little."
Reporter, "What would you say to the authorities regarding the matter?"
Princess Margaret, "I have nothing further to say."
Reporter, "Who's the coal for?"
Princess Margaret, "I have someone very special in mind."​
Reporter, "Group Captain Townsend?"

Voice in the crowd, "Are you missing him?"

Princess Margaret, "Very much."​
Reporter, "What about your sister, the Queen?"
Princess Margaret, "Not as much, no."​

​Miners laugh!