In the 1980s a new phenomenon engulfed pubs and clubs throughout the UK.  This was the emergence of the pub trivia quiz. 

Calverton has produced some astonishing quiz players over the years, here is their story.

Possibly the first two people to get heavily involved in quizzing for money was Peter Reeve and David Leek. Yet they teamed up only by a stroke of luck. In the mid-eighties Peter and his wife had gone to the Flying Bedstead pub in Hucknall for their routine Pay night, they had won this quiz many many weeks running. Unbeknown to them, at the time, their was another team there that night hoping to double-six them. This was Dave Leek and Steve Malcolm. Pete and Mary duly won the night, only after pipping the other two by one point. After the quiz Pete asked Dave if he would like to join him on his trivia nights and a partnership was born. That year the two took their wives on a weeks trip to the Norfolk Broads out of the winnings that they had accumulated that year!

Then after a night at the Gleaners pub they invited another keen quizzer to join them on their famous 'pay nights' - this was John Williams senior - they were now a formidable trio. The money just kept on rolling in - some places were offering just 8 pints to the winning team but enticing customers with Jackpot questions. This being an extra question, were one of the winning quiz team goes up to the Quizmaster at the end of the quiz, and is asked to get the answer usually for a rollover Jackpot. A lot of money was forthcoming on this method.  The Harrier in Hucknall offered a £50 Jackpot for getting a certain amount of answers right, there must have been £700 taken out of that pub by the team until they changed their format. They decided one week to out fox the Calverton mob by having all the quiz based on Hucknall.....

It was through Roy Brown - a Hucknall man and employee at John Player - that a twist occurred. He had heard about this team and got them all to be in his All Star Quiz team for the annual John Player 'on the buzzer' tournament. Roy accumulated a squad of these three plus Steve Malcolm, John Williams junior and Rob Williams. The championships were played over a twenty week period in 1992, they won every week bar one, and duly collected their hard earned prizes. A year later the same squad came back and defended their title easily.

In 1993 the local brewery brought out a big money quiz league for all of the pubs in Nottinghamshire. The Admiral Rodney pub needed a team. They asked regulars to put their names down if interested. The team was picked - Captain Rob Williams with John Williams junior, Pete Reeve and Dave Leek, no surprises there then. This format was one of individual questions so no one person could carry the side. On one memorable occasion in a tie at Keyworth, the Questionmaster asked "What was discovered in 1953 by Watson and Crick?" Pete answered "D.N.A. structure" Correct came the reply. Then trying to be clever the Quizmaster said "And I'll buy you a pint if you can spell it fully?" Straight away Pete said "D-E-O-X-Y-R-I-B-O-N-U-C-L-E-I-C-A-C-I-D".   After playing every tuesday night, for 3 months, the side found themselves in the final. Duly winning the £400 prize on offer with somewhat ease if truth be told. They went on to win this tournament another time and finished runners-up also on 2 occasions. The team was altered slightly with the inclusion of Jean Singleton, a very clever lady, in place of Rob Williams (other commitments). This great annual competition was finished by the brewery in the late 1990's, and they wonder why pubs are empty on weekdays?

After the death of Johnny Williams in 1993 Dave and Pete were joined on their excursions by John Williams junior. Unbelievably the team have been barred from two pubs 'The Eagle' in Arnold and 'The Friar Tuck' in Arnold (of course). Both through very very petty things - possibly the real reason is obvious - regulars were sick of the sight of them. Indeed one night in the Eagle the question master Dave Berry devised a fool-proof way to beat the team - he made all the questions about roads in Arnold. How sad is that? The team is now no more, sadly - the final nail in the coffin was the mobile phone. All you can here nowadays at money quizzes is these bleeping with the answers - from somebody on the other end - sitting next to an internet connection!  

Peter Reeve appeared on TV in 1997 on Fifteen to one. He actually won his heat with 181 points but didn't qualify for the final. A year later he came back on the show and won again this time with 191 points. He had qualified for the Grand Final with that score. Sadly, Pete never returned for another go on the show, despite many offers from Regent Productions.. 

Here are some of the Jackpot questions answered by the team over the years

1. In what year was penicillin invented?
2. When was Dick Turpin hanged?
3. How many wickets did Richard Hadlee take in test matches?
4. Which city on the signpost in M*A*S*H is 6133 miles away?
5. How many entries were there in the UK's first phonebook?
6. How many constellations are there?


1. 1928 - this won £95 
2. 1739 
3. 431 - this won over £100
4. Toledo - this won £75 
5. 255
6. 88