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Saturday 1st November 2003, proved to be a red letter day for the Calverton Homing Society. This was the day when members and friends celebrated the opening of their new Pigeon HQ at the rear of the Calverton Working Men's Club.
  1. Ribbon ready for cutting
    Ribbon ready for cutting
  2. Society Secretary, George Bell with Bill Ellis
    Society Secretary, George Bell with Bill Ellis
President Mr Ashley Roberts invited Deborah Fraser, of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, to cut the ribbon which officially opened the new HQ. Deborah explained to the large crowd that the Coalfields Regeneration Trust provided money when applicable for any schemes which helped the general welfare of retired miners. Two surprise gifts were presented to Deborah as a general 'thank you' for her part in funding this particular project. ​​

A Highlight of the Homing Society's past occured during the year 2000. In a racing competition for the King's Cup, over 3000 pigeons were released in Lerwick, in the Shetland Isles, and after flying some510 miles, much of it over open sea, first home in Calverton was a pigeon owned by Society member Roger Buckley who received the prestigious King's Cup. Another member, Mick Wilson, won a bird which came second in the same race, a remarkable result for the Society. The Society now has some thirty members and fifteen or so are still regular flyers.

  1. Some of the many trophies that the society give out.
    Some of the many trophies that the society give out.