During the 1970s and 80s Calverton enjoyed success in an unusual field, jazz bands!  The first of the village bands was the 'Rascals'. This team of intrepid pioneers were formed by Jackie Little & Margaret Moore. In the early part of the 1970s until the 1980s they won many competitions. Although a full list of their achievements is at present unavailable. 
Former Rascals

Sharon Allen, Teresa Allen, Zena Allwood, Helen Andrews, Nichola Andrews, Sarah Andrews, Ann Bell, Anna Bell, Susan Bilson, Tracey Brearley, Tammi Byrne, Adele Chadwick, Anthea Chadwick, Arlene Chadwick, Julie Clark, Marie Clark, Marian Cook, Jeanette Court, Lisa Davey, Michael Dixon, Suzanne Dixon, Linda Elliott, Jennifer Ellis, Kim Fullwood, Zoe Gill, Diane Gilliburn, Tracey Gilliburn, Andy Hardy, Susan Hodkinson, Debbie Hollins, Marie Jarvis, Alison Jenkinson, Shaun Jennings, Melanie Kirk, Janice Lightfoot, Tarrin Lowe, Sharon Mansfield, Sharon Marples, Andrew Marriott, Beverley McWhirter, Wendy Merrin, Elizabeth Moore, Nonie Moore, Billie Morris, Jane Nettleship, Mark Nettleship, Tracey O'Brien, Tracy Occleshaw, Margaret O'Crowley, Jane Oldham, Sharon Oldham, Ann-Marie Orr, Ann Osborne, Patricia Osborne, Shirley Osborne, Sean Pedelty, Julie Pettit, Colleen Pettit, Owen Pettit, Alan Sewell, Karen Sharpe, Lisa Slater. Pauline Stephenson, Melanie Strickland, Lynda Strutt, Tracey Sullivan, Lynne Tall, Sharon Tall, Elaine Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Ann Todd, Karen Towers, Julie Waitt, Diane Waldram, Lynda Ward, John Watson, Lorraine White, Deborah Williams, Sheryll Williams, Mary Wilson, Amanda Wood, Evelyn Woodward.

​After the phenomenal success of the 'Rascals' it was inevitable that another band would appear, so it proved when along came the 'Solitaires'. They was formed by Roy Towers. Despite having a lot of success they could never quite scale to the same heights as the 'Rascals'. The next band to come along was the 'Cavaliers' and then a junior band called the 'Jack Maranges'.
Solitaires at the 46 second mark
Former Solitaires

Zena Allwood, Julia Bailey, Kerry Barlow,
Judith Bradley, Michael Broadway, Joanne Cairney, Melanie Cairney, Cheryl Carnell, Alan Cliff, David Cliff, Peter Cliff, Marian Cook, Lorraine Dixon, Andrew Ellis, Graham Ellis, Jennifer Ellis, Pauline Ellis, Jane Fry, Tracey Gallagher, Angela Gilliburn, Diane Gilliburn, Tracey Gilliburn, William Horton, Michaela Ley, Sandra Maddock, Tracy Maddock, Sharon Mansfield, Ann Osborne, Shirley Osborne, Trisha Osborne, Tracy Pedelty, Wendy Riley, Anthony Scott, David Scott, Mick Scott, Denise Shutt, Elaine Shutt, Darren Smart, Roger Smart, Chris Towers, Karen Towers, Nicola Williams, Mandy Wood, Alex Woodward, Scott Woodward, Diane Wright.
Former Cavaliers

Nichola Andrews, Donna Bailey, Kerry Barlow, Mandy Carter, Olivia Carter, Theresa Chennell, David Cliff, Peter Cliff, Louise Cliff, Sharon Cliff, Lisa Davey, Zoe Gill, Paula King, Sharon Marples, Dean Pendered, Anthony Williams, Lee Williams, Nicola Williams.

Former Jack Maranges

​Nichola Andrews, Bill Bennett, Tammi Byrne, David Cliff, Suzanne Dixon, Martha Stephenson, Tracey Sullivan, Alison Todd, Ann Todd.