"They gave us a real fright." Judith Keppel on Eggheads broadcast on BBC2 14th September 2007

July 2007 six local lads, five from Calverton one from Hucknall, were invited to audition for the TV quiz Eggheads - They were Dave Leek, Steve Malcolm, Pete Reeve, Dave Riley, John Williams and Rob Williams.

They had to travel to BBC Birmingham for the ordeal err trial. Twelve yard productions wanted all six members of the group to appear, but sadly Rob Williams couldn't make it as he was holidaying in Great Yarmouth at the time. The remaining crew went in absolutely atrocious driving weather.

Arrived a bit early in Birmingham, err three hours early to be exact, what to do? Dave Riley had a great idea 'Lets find the nearest pub' he said. Two and a half hours later we made our way to the studios.

When we got there, complete with breath fresheners, we found that the audition consisted of our team up against three other sides from all over the UK. The main difference was that they all had six members and we only had five - this must have been a huge negative mark for us. Name badges were handed out and an empty seat was labelled Rob!!

The first round started - this consisted of ten questions, on all kinds of topics, to be filled in as quick as possible within two minutes. These were handed in but no scores were given - although most of us thought it was a "Cakewalk"

Then came the main contests - First up was History - All four teams had to select someone to play - Pete was selected for us. He duly lost on the deciding 'Sudden Death' round. Next up was Arts & Books - John was sent up to play he actually won his deciding 'Sudden Death' round - One point to us!! Next round was Sport - Steve went up and he also won on the deciding 'Sudden Death' round - Two points to us!! Then came Entertainment - up went Dave Leek to play - he also lost on the deciding 'Sudden Death' round. Next up the greatest ever audition bar none. Dave Riley went up to take Science and Nature, One of the questions was so funny - 'In 1945, What was invented by Percy Lebaron Spencer?' Options were:A) Condensed milk B) Cats eyes or C) Microwave oven - Dave proceeded to do an impression of Major Charles Ingram but there was no coughing!! Eventually he plumped for the Microwave and was vindicated for his long-winded "Speech" by getting the answer correct. Unfortunately Dave also lost on the deciding 'Sudden Death' round. At this stage the team was losing 3-2. The last game was next, but we have no player! The wonderful researchers allowed us to play a member again, so the team nominated John. The subject was General Knowledge - John won in a "hack canter" and so the final audition score was 3-3 with the two other teams scoring nothing a piece!

We then had to do a screen test, all five members in front of the camera, one at a time, answering questions in sequence. The questions were 1. Which Egghead do you like best and why? and 2. Who, past or present, would be your ideal dinner date companion and why?

Dave Leek answers 1. Humpty Dumpty - he cracks me up and 2. Charlton Heston because when I was a young boy I loved his pictures the escapism and all that, brilliant.
Dave Riley 1. Daphne - I love her! and 2. Daphne - I've already told you I love her!
Steve Malcolm 1. CJ - He is so modest and 2. Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Steve then rattled on for 5 minutes!!
John Williams 1. Chris - I could wile away the hours with him talking about trains, pure Heaven and 2. Marilyn Monroe - I'd like to err..............................ask her what really happened that night.
Pete Reeve 1. Kevin - just so clever and 2. Beyonce because you never know what might develop at the end of the night!!

That was it we were thanked for coming and told that if we hadn't heard anything for two weeks to forget it. To which Dave Leek turned to Dave Riley and said, 'YOU TOLD US WE'D GET STEAK AND CHIPS!!'

Nearly three weeks later we all had letters saying CONGRATULATIONS we'd been shortlisted to appear on the SHOW. (Apparently the mail was delayed due to the Royal Mail strikers!!) We got these letters on a Monday and the following Thursday we got a phone call asking us if we could come down to London to record a show the next Monday - Talk about short notice!!

We accepted immediately, so long as we could play the final game of the day, as four of us were working that day!! We are told - in the letter - to take with us three different types of shirt. But, no polka-dots, stripes, blue, black, white, creamy and definitely no logos - bang goes most of our wardrobes. Although Dave Leek has a wonderful collection of Hawaiian/Thomas Magnum shirts - so we thought we'd take a load of those as well as some coloured ones.

6th August 2007

Four postmen go to work at 5 o'clock in the morning. They all do their rounds and then they set off for the BBC studios London with their two other team members. Arriving at 1 o'clock, what to do? Dave Riley has an idea 'Lets go find a pub.'

Here, the planning and strategy is worked out, meticulously, over a pint or two. Straight away everyone agreed that John would not play, unless Politics was a subject, because as they put it 'he could put up a good show by himself!' 

We decided to go straight for the jugular, Steve had been earmarked to play three times World Quiz Champion Kevin Ashman on Sport and Dave Leek was to be pitted against multiple Fifteen to One winner Daphne Fowler on Entertainment.

Pete would take Connagh-Joseph de Mooi (CJ) on either Science or History and Rob would just have to take whatever subject was remaining against International Mastermind champion Chris Hughes.

We decided then to make our way to the BBC studios as we had to be there by 4pm - we arrived a bit early....err 3pm!! Lounging around at reception we checked ourselves in at the desk - One of the research team came down and took us through to the Green Room for a coffee and a few snacks. We checked the clock only another 45 minutes to go! 

The clock ticked on, 10 minutes to the off, Steve said that all the knowledge he had in his head had suddenly vanished!! Researchers/Production Assistants Laura and Jason arrive and take us to the briefing room. All the shirts are laid out for the Fashion gurus to peruse over and pick what would look best on us. John and Rob get "normal" shirts but Steve and Pete are both told to wear one of Dave Leeks flower-power shirts! Dave himself gets to wear his own snazzy pink number.

After the briefing of what is expected on the show, we are taken to the make-up room. Then we are taken to the dressing room where all of our individual shirts are hung up - freshly ironed - waiting for each person.

Researcher/Production Assistant Laura comes in and says we all look beautiful. Yeah right? 6.20pm time to go on set. The first thing you notice is how dark it is in the studio - 'watch out for cables we are told' - We all take our places on set on our panel. Dave Riley, our supersub if anyone was suddenly ill, decides to try out Dermots seat for himself - swinging away as if he owned the chair!

First things first we all had to record our intros before the compere even arrives - Dave Leek went first and promptly made a pigs ear of it many times - this may appear on Aunties Bloomers in the future! All recorded ready to roll.

Eggheads walk in the studio, look over at us and suddenly Daphne is waving to Rob, 'cooee hello' she says - Rob looks mystified. CJ says 'not bad lads £1000 each if you win' Chris says 'Don't forget its only a game' errmmm.

They all come over to meet us Daphne still thinks she knows Rob from another show - Rob says to her that he appeared on one show for about seven years - She asked 'what was that?' to which Rob said (genuine fact) ''I was pushing a trolley around on Supermarket Sweep on the opening credits!' Kevin Ashman then butted in to say 'I hope you got repeat fees.'

Dave Leek then said that they probably recognized us from a different show as we had appeared on one programme many many times. Judith Keppel said 'Really? and what was that?' Scouse Dave seized his chance brilliantly 'Crimewatch!' he chortled. The joke just went straight over Judiths head she didn't bat an eyelid.

All of a sudden out of the darkness a shady figure appeared. 'Hi Pete' the fellow said shaking Pete's hand. 'Who are you!' Pete stated ........ 'err I'm Dermot the quiz compere!' He duly shook all of our hands and wished us good luck then the match was about to commence.

This is the 'UNEDITED' version of Eggheads that was filmed over 1 hour 40 mins, with no breaks, 6th August 2007.​​​

Dermot: 'The prizemoney stands at £65000!

Dermot: 'The first subject Merry Men is Science who would like to play and against whom?

Team meeting blah blah blah

Pete: 'I'll play against CJ.' 


Dermot: ‘What type of organisms are Death Cap and Fly Agaric?’

Pete: ‘Errm, I don’t think it can be a spider. I’d be very surprised if it is! ….mollusc doesn’t sound right…I’m pretty certain its fungus.’

Dermot: ‘OK gone for fungus. Death Cap and Fly Agaric mushrooms - fungus is the right answer. Good start Pete one to you.'

'CJ, which colourless visceous liquid, with the chemical formula H2O2, is often used in the bleaching of textiles and hair?'

CJ: 'I love the idea of bleaching hair with cyanide.....errm that might be peroxide Dermot.'

Dermot: 'H2O2 is the chemical formula for peroxide its the right answer CJ - one all.'

'Pete, in medicine the prefix pneumo refers to which organ of the human body?'

Pete: 'I think I know this one. I think pneumonia is obviously when there is something wrong with the lungs, so it has to be lungs.'

Dermot: 'Pneumo refers to the lungs its the right answer Pete. Another one for you.'

'CJ your second question. What is the term for a security device that prevents unauthorised users gaining access to a computer network?'

CJ: 'Still waiting to find one that works on my computer. It's a firewall.'

Dermot: 'Firewall is the correct answer CJ.'

'Back to you then Pete with the third question. Galena is the chief ore of which metal?'

Pete: 'I think aluminium is bauxite. So its not aluminium. Not sure about silver so I'm going to go for lead.'

Dermot: 'Lead! its led you to the right answer. You're in the lead as well.'

'So CJ, you've got to get this CJ. In geology what is the earliest period of the Mesozoic era?'

CJ: 'OUCH! I'm gonna take my head in my hands pretty much. Not more than a guess and go for Devonian.'

Dermot: Devonian? Which is great news for you Pete its the wrong answer its Triassic. Pete you're through to the final round to play for £65000. Would you both please come back and join your teams.

​Dermot: 'The next subject is Sport who would like to play?'​

Team meeting blah blah blah Steve is chosen

Dermot: 'OK Steve who would you like to play on Sport?'

Steve: 'I'm scared of them all!'

Dermot: 'They don't scare anyone!'

Steve: 'I think I'll choose Kevin. He seems to be the brightest person....if we can see the back of him...'

Dermot: 'Which former World Heavyweight Boxing champion launched a range of healthy eating grills in the 1990s?'

Steve: 'I doubt whether it was Ali. We have actually got one in our kitchen. I think it was George Foreman.'

Dermot: 'George Foreman grill is the right answer. One to you.'

'OK Kevin, Casino Square and the Swimmimg Pool are landmarks on which Formula 1 course that is run through the streets?'

Kevin: 'The most famous street course is Monaco, obviously held in Monte Carlo, which has a casino and one or two swimming pools as well. So I shall go for Monaco.'

Dermot: 'Monaco? Its got to be really. Its the right answer Kevin.'

'Back to you Steve second question. The presenter Suzanne Dando represented Great Britain at the 1980 Olympic Games in which sport?'

Steve: 'Difficult one. Very very nice lady by the looks of it! So I believe she was probably a gymnast. I will go for Gymnastics.'

Dermot: 'Suzanne Dando 1980 Olympics - Gymnastics? Its the bright answer well done Steve.'

'Kevin your second question. In January 2006, Greg Dyke, the former Director General of the BBC, was announced as the chairman of which football club?'

Kevin: 'I'm pretty....I'm not a 100% sure but I don't think its any of the others. I thought Brentford before the choices came up - so Brentford.'

Dermot: 'Brentford, the nylons. Its the right answer Kevin two to you.'

'Steve third question. Bonspiel is a term for a match in which sport?'

Steve: 'Ooooh you've thrown a hard one in there!!'

Dermot: 'B-O-N-S-P-I-E-L. - bonspiel.'

Steve: 'I've heard the phrase. I used to play Bowls so I can definitely eliminate Bowls. I used to play Squash until I got a racket smashed into my head!!'

Dermot: 'Did you shout BONSPIEL?'

Steve: 'No I didn't it was something a lot different!' I'll go for Curling!! And it's a guess!!'

Dermot: 'Curling? Its the right guess. Curling is correct.'

'Errm Kevin you've got to get this as you know. Which Englishman was the winner of the first US Open golf tournament held in 1895?'

Kevin: 'Walter Hagen was American Tom Morris Senior was a Scot I believe, I'm going with Horace Rawlins.'

Dermot: 'Great Eggheadery there. Has to be Horace Rawlins then on that logic. Its the right answer well done Kevin.'

'Three-a-piece so that means we go to 'Sudden Death'. No multiple choices, so if you have to guess its an awful lot harder. I can't put anything in front of you. So to sort out a winner can you tell me Steve....Which horse won the Grand National at Aintree in 2007?''

Steve: 'Oh dear. It's only..................'

Dermot: 'Do you have a flutter Steve?' 

Even though they are playing for £65000, John and Rob are both laughing. Anybody that knows Steve knows why!

Steve: 'I have a lot of flutters, but I just can't remember the most recent winner. 2006 was Numbersixvalverde what won it after that? My missus is gonna kill me she actually backed it!! ......I'm gonna say Numbersixvalverde because I cannot think of the one that won it afterwards.'

Dermot: ' Numbersixvalverde? Certainly a Grand National winner but was it 2007? Steve its incorrect it was a longshot.

Kevin it could have been your question if you'd been put in first - do you know?'

Kevin: 'Was it Hedgehunter?'

Dermot: ' No, does any of the Eggheads know?'

At this point none of the Eggheads knew - but magically in the final edit Daphne got the correct answer of Silver Birch!! It was as if Marvo the Magician had lent a hand!!

Dermot: ' Its not over yet Kevin has to get this. Which Rugby Union International, nicknamed Alfie, became Wales most capped player in May 2007?'

Kevin: 'Again its a bit recent. I saw this I remember seeing the story. Can I get away with just saying Jenkins?'

Dermot: ' Is that your answer?'

Kevin: 'I'll say Jenkins?'

Dermot: 'I don't have to go any further for a first name because thats the wrong surname its Gareth Thomas. 93 appearances at that time. He surpassed the previous record that he jointly held with Gareth Lewellyn.'

The next four questions were cut from the show due to the complete lack of time.

They were these posers.

Dermot: Steve, which sportsman played himself in the film Anger Management?'

Steve: ' John McEnroe.'

Dermot: ' Correct - Kevin, who was appointed the new England Cricket coach in May 2007?'

Kevin: 'Pete Moores.'

Dermot: ' Correct - Steve, from which country does the snooker player Tony Drago come from?'

Steve: 'Malta.'

Dermot: ' Correct - Kevin, the Russian Yelena Isinbayeva is expert in which Athletics event?'

Kevin: 'Pole Vault'

Dermot: ' Correct.'

​Dermot: 'So Steve another one for you. Which German long jumper was awarded a posthumous Pierre de Coubertin Medal for his sportsmanship while competing in the 1936 Olympics alongside Jesse Owens?'​​

Steve: 'AAH! you've got me! I'm afraid I'm gonna let my team down here. I do not know the answer.'

Dermot: 'Is that a pass?'

Steve: 'It is a pass.'

Dermot: 'OK Steve nothing there, tricky question. Kevin do you know?'

Kevin: 'Its Lutz Long.'

Dermot: 'Lutz Long Steve as we heard correctly there Lutz Long. So Kevin has a chance to win it then with this question err Kevin which Basque or Spanish game, played in a walled court with a ball and basketlike rackets attached to the hand, takes its name from the Spanish for ball?'

Kevin: 'Pelota which is also called Jai Alai - An alternative name for the same thing.'

Point: Jai Alai may indeed be an alternative name to Pelota but if that was given as the sole answer then it should have been deemed wrong because Jai Alai means "Merry Festival" in the Basque language and not ball!!

Dermot: 'You are through to the final round after that wobble there bad luck Steve.'

​​​Dermot: 'OK then, one brain each gone at this stage. Our next round is Geography Dave, John or Rob to play. Who is going to go on Geography?'​

Team meeting blah blah blah

Rob: 'I'll have a go.'

Dermot: 'OK Rob who do you want to play? CJ and Kevin have played, so Chris, Daphne or Judith.'

Rob: 'I'll play Chris.'

Dermot: 'Lets have you both in the Question Room please.'

Into the booth Rob to go second

Dermot: 'Chris this is your question. The town of Grimsby lies on the Humber Estuary in which county?'

Chris: 'It's in Lincolnshire.'

Dermot: 'Grimsby, Lincolnshire correct. First point to you Chris.'

'Rob your question. The island of Martinique, in the Caribbean Sea is an overseas region of which country? 

Rob: 'I'm pretty sure its not Italy. And I don't think its Portugal so I'll go for France.'

Dermot: 'France? Its correct one-a-piece. Chris, Trondheim is a city in which European country?'

Chris: 'Its on the coast of Norway.'

Dermot: 'Trondheim is Norwegian its the right answer Chris.'

'Back to you then Rob for your second question. The Coral Sea is part of which ocean?'

Rob: 'Haven't got a clue......I don't think its the Atlantic. So I'm split between Indian and Pacific and I will have a 50-50 punt at Pacific'

Dermot: 'OK....not sure said it wasn't Atlantic.......got the right one. Pacific is correct two-all.'

'Chris, Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is located on which body of water?'

Chris: Well its certainly not the Red Sea as that goes up between Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Sudan.  Don't think its the Black Sea because thats Ukraine and Turkey. Its the Caspian Sea. Which is shrinking at a rate of knots apparently.'

Dermot: 'Baku and the Caspian? Its the right answer Chris.'

'So you've got to get this Rob. You put Chris in first.'

'Rob, In which county of Ireland is the Blarney Stone located?'

Rob: 'I think you've got me there........I will go for Cork.'

Dermot: 'Its the right answer. Cork is correct - 'Sudden Death' again.'

Dermot: 'Chris, the first to you. The Faroe Islands belong to which country?'

Chris: 'Denmark!!'

Dermot: 'You're certain aren't you! Its the right answer Chris. The Faroes belong to Denmark.'

'Back to you Rob.'

'The Belcher Islands are located in which Canadian Bay?'

Rob: 'I wish I had the last question now because I knew that one. I'll have a guess at the only one I know - Hudson?'

Dermot: 'The Belcher Islands are located in?....Hudson Bay. Its correct well done Rob.'

'OK another question each. Yours first Chris. The active volcano Popacatapetl is the second highest peak in which country?'

Chris: 'Its in Mexico!!'

Dermot: 'Its the right answer Chris. Popacatapetl is in Mexico, do you know when it last erupted?'

Chris: 'No but I suspect you're gonna tell me.'

Dermot: 'Err...December 1994 last major eruption. Probably still bubbling away there. The name means...............can anyone tell me?'

Daphne: 'Smoking Volcano.' 

Dermot: 'Smoking Mountain.'

Dermot: 'OK, your question Rob. Republic of Haiti, and the Dominican Republic share which large Caribbean island?'

Rob: 'I don't know. I would like to go back to a previous answer and go for Martinique.'

Dermot: 'Martinique........its already turned up in this round. I'm sorry to say Rob it is not Martinique. Chris do you know if it had come your way?'

Dermot: 'Yes Pirates of the Caribbean stuff. Hispaniola Rob, so bad luck for you it means Chris your through to the final round. Bad luck Rob very very good effort deep into 'Sudden Death.'
Dermot: 'The category is Entertainment. And John or Dave you're the ones left which wants to play?'

Dave: 'I'll have a bash I'll go.'

Dermot: 'OK lets hope you do bash them Dave.'

Dave: 'And I'll choose Daphne.'

Dermot: 'Gone for Daphne, OK lets have Dave, our Postman, and Daphne, Brain of Britain, into the Question Room.'

'Dave do you want to go first or second?'

Dave: 'Errm, I think I'll let the Lady go first.'

Dermot: 'What is the name of the Chimney Sweep, played by Dick Van Dyke, in the 1964 film Mary Poppins?'

Daphne: 'I have seen that so many times with my Grandchildren......Bert.'

Dermot: 'Bert? Dick Van Dyke character is Bert absolutely correct.'

'OK Dave your question. Delilah and Its not Unusual were UK hit singles in the 1960's for which singer?

Dave: 'Well I know it wasn't Cliff Richard. And memory tells me it wasn't Frank Ifield.......that was Tom Jones.'

Dermot: 'Absolutely right of course. One to you. Its not Unusual for Daphne to lose on Entertainment.'

'How are you going to do with this one? Here it is. What is the subtitle of the third film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series released in May 2007?

Daphne: 'We ought to have your Jack here oughtent we. Its At World's End.'

Dermot: 'Yeah my little boys rather keen on his Pirates of the Caribbean. Errm At World's End its the right answer.'

'Dave, second question for you. Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli are Judges on which TV show?

Dave: 'Well I can honestly say I don't know any of them because I don't watch, but obviously I've got to go for a guess. I don't know Any Dream Will Do but I think thats what I'm going for, Any Dream Will Do.'

Dermot: 'Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli are Judges, as a lot of the viewers at home will know, on Strictly Come Dancing? Strictly Come Dancing not Any Dream Will Do so a slip there.'

Dermot: 'Daphne, second question this one to win it for you. Who composed the song Puttin' on the Ritz?'

Daphne: 'Aaagherrmm!! I think I might slip up here. Its not Duke Ellington and you always know when its fifty-fifty I always choose the wrong one. Errm oh well! Cole Porter.'

Dermot: 'Dave you live to fight another day its Irving Berlin.'

Daphne: I told you!'

Dermot: 'You did it again didn't you?'

'Dave to take us to sudden death, In 2005 the singer Kelis married which Rap artist?'

Dermot: 'You look like you enjoy your rapping Dave.'


Dave: 'I don't know its a bit modern for me I'll go for Jaz-0.'

Dermot: 'What do you think Daphne do you think thats right?'

Daphne: 'I think it might be Nas.'

Dermot: 'It is Nas its not Jaz-0. Which means in a low scoring round there, Daphne has snook through Two-One.'

Dermot: 'So this is what we've been playing towards, its time now for the final round. Which as always is General Knowledge. But I am afraid that those of you who lost your head-to-heads will not be able to take part. So Dave, Steve and Rob from the Merry Men and CJ from the Eggheads will you leave the studio please.'​

'So John and Pete you're playing to win the Merry Men £65000. Judith, Daphne, Kevin and Chris you're playing for something money cannot buy - Oh no..... it's the Eggheads reputation. As is normal I'll ask them three questions in turn, all General Knowledge, and you are allowed to confer. Merry Men the question is are your two brains better than the Eggheads four brains. Merry Men would you like to go first or second?'

Merry Men: 'First please.'

Dermot: 'Best of luck guys here you are. Which celebrity was sent to a Los Angeles jail in June 2007 for driving whilst on probation for reckless driving?'

At this point Pete and John want to answer the question before the options are read out!!

Merry Men (Pete): A big story on the news, with a lot of tears involved and we think it was Paris Hilton.'

Dermot: 'There was no tears shed by me!! Paris Hilton is correct. Well done guys.'

'Eggheads in a saying about distinguishing valuable things from worthless things, what do you sort from the chaff?'

Eggheads (Judith): 'We think that might be the wheat.'

Dermot: 'Its the right answer Eggheads one-all. So Merry Men, Acker Bilk who had a hit single in the sixties with Stranger on the Shore is most famous for his skill on which musical instrument?'

Merry Men (John): Whispers 'Clarinet obviously.'

Merry Men (Pete): 'A big hit and number one hit for a long time and we think its Clarinet.'

Point: "Stranger on the Shore" was the first-ever recording to be number One simultaneously in the UK and USA, although there is a slight dispute over the UK charts, as there were so many different charts. The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles states it was Number Two, whereas Twenty Years of British Record Charts states it was UK Number One. 

Dermot: 'Its the right answer, well done.'

'OK Eggheads number two for you. Which Chef published an autobiography called Humble Pie in 2006?'

A bit of deliberating here Eggheads aren't sure on this easy question

Eggheads (Judith): 'We think its Gordon Ramsey.'

Dermot: 'It would fit wouldn't it. Bit of irony its the right answer too, Gordon Ramsey - Humble Pie 2006.'

'Merry Men, The train known as The Flying Scotsman was built to the design of which engineer, born in 1876?'

John and Pete think the answer is so obviously not B and C but they cannot remember what option A was. They ask Dermot to repeat the options. He says 'There they are in front of you on the monitor' - Now John and Pete have got 19/20 vision not 20/20 and both couldn't make out the first option. They just manage a squint at the monitor!

Merry Men (John): Whispers 'Obviously NOT b or c.'

Merry Men (Pete): 'I don't think its the last one as the was obviously a lot earlier. Of the other two we'll go for Nigel Gresley.'

Dermot: 'Chris?'

Chris: 'Yes Herbert Nigel Gresley 1876 to 1941.'

Dermot: 'Well done guys right answer.'

'Eggheads, you could be going out. Your question is - The Cutty Sark takes its name from the clothing of a character in a poem by which writer?'

Eggheads (Judith): 'Robert Burns.'

Dermot: 'That is correct and as I rather expected with two teams of this calibre almost straight to 'Sudden Death.'

'Merry Men this to you. Which member of the Royal Family set up the company Ardent Productions in 1993?'

Merry Men (John): 'Prince Edward.'

Dermot: 'OK Eggheads to save it again. The fabric Mohair is traditionally made from the hair of which breed of goat?'

Eggheads (Judith to Chris): 'Angora is it definitely a goat because there is an Angora Rabbit.'

Eggheads (Judith): 'Angora!'

Dermot: 'Mohair is traditionally made from the hair of ....... an Angora goat? Its correct Eggheads, Angora.'

As with Steves match the next four questions were cut from the show due to the complete lack of time.

Question 2 for the Merry men: 'What one word describes heeling a wound with a branding iron?'

Answer given: 'Cauterize' CORRECT

Question 2 for the Eggheads: 'What colour jersey is worn in the Tour De France by the leader of the Under-25's?'

Answer given: 'White' CORRECT

Question 3 for the Merry men: 'Who in June 2007 did Gordon Brown appoint as Secretary of State for International Development?'

Answer given: 'Douglas Alexander' CORRECT

Question 3 for the Eggheads: 'What is the biggest city in Illinois?'

Answer given: 'Chicago' CORRECT

The 'Sudden Death' score should now be 'three-three' and not 'one-one' as was seen on the actual broadcast.

Dermot: 'So another question, all you can do is keep getting them right Merry Men and hope they falter.'

'Which famous assassin was captured at Heathrow Airport trying to leave on a fake Canadian passportunder the name Ramon George Sneyd in 1968?'​

Major error happens here as the Merry Men don't fully concentrate on the question

Merry Men: Totally ignoring the obvious give away of 1968 they say 'We think its Carlos the Jackal.'

Dermot: 'OK, Its wrong!' It is not Carlos the Jackal. Eggheads it could have been yours do you know?'

Eggheads (Kevin): 'James Earl Ray. Who assassinated Martin Luther King.'

Dermot: 'James Earl Ray. The assassin of Martin Luther King. But its not over til the Eggheads get this.'

'Eggheads which brownish-grey' colour takes its name from the French word for the mammal mole?'

Eggheads: Daphne knows it right away and tells Judith (Judith): 'Taupe. T-A-U-P-E.'

Dermot: 'Taupe is the right answer Eggheads you've won!............only just. You were that close to losing today.' 

Dermot at this point holds his finger and thumb about a millimetre apart!

Judith: 'Yes it was frightening. They had bad luck because Carlos the Jackals real name is Ramirez I think.'

Dermot: 'Bad luck Merry Men. Great great round there that final round. Really gave them a battle there for the money but it wasn't to be. Thanks for playing I hope you've enjoyed yourself.'

Merry Men (Pete): 'We have yeah we've had a lovely time.' (John) 'Superb!!'

Dermot: 'Seeing the Eggheads at their very finest. The Eggheads have done what comes naturally to them their winning streak continues I'm afraid you won't be going home with the £65000 which means the money rolls over to our next show. Congratulations Eggheads, can anyone beat you?'

That was it game finished. Afterwards we all met up with the Eggheads to discuss the game. Dermot shot off as quickly as he came on, saying goodbye to all of us individually, on the way!!

What immediately came to the fore was how nice and pleasant each of them was, nothing like their on-screen persona!! In fact CJ came across as the best of the bunch, although Daphne ran him very close.
CJ organised this photo, below using Daphne's top-of the-range camera, please note that some team members were still sporting make-up!
Back row: Daphne Fowler, Connagh-Joseph de Mooi (CJ), Kevin Ashman, Chris Hughes, Judith Keppel - Front row: Dave 'Harry Hill' Riley, Dave 'Scouse' Leek, Steve 'Charlie' Malcolm, John 'Willow' Williams, Rob 'Big Grin' Williams and Pete 'Chinrubber' Reeve
Conclusion: A great time was had by all of our team through a very long day. The 12 Yard Production team looked after us superbly. Especially Laura and Jason who both so wanted us to win, it was untrue!! We ran the Eggheads a lot closer than the final broadcast would have you believe. Indeed Steve Malcolm took the three times World Quiz Champion to four 'Sudden Death' questions before eventually bowing out (this one round could have possibly filled the whole 30 minutes - of the broadcast by itself!). Rob Williams did especially well on a subject that was forced onto him, Geography. Dave Leek was just unlucky with his questions - Had he had Daphnes set of posers he would have made a better fist of it. And Pete Reeve? Well anybody that knows him just knew he was spinning his game out!! He could beat any "Quizzer" on Science and not even break sweat. John Williams, according to Steve, wasn't given the chance to show how good he is. Although John said that result wouldn't have been affected so its all water under the bridge.​​

8.10pm is the time and the train back to Nottingham is booked for 8.55pm!!

After the biggest train dash in history the team just manage to get on the train at St Pancras at 8.53pm. Onto the train and Dave Riley, Dave Leek, Rob and John Williams find a "Double-seat" err right next to the buffet!! At 10.15pm after err a "few" drinks the bar had ran out of beer!! Now who could have drank all that? Dave Riley, Dave Leek and the Williams brothers say it can't be them as they've only had seven 500ml cans each!!

Arrived in Nottingham 10.45pm - Dave Riley has an idea - 'Lets go into the Bentinck Hotel for a pint.' Three pints later kicked out 11.20pm - Back in Calverton 11.50pm. Four Postmen had been on the go from 5am.

Straight to bed and up at five!!

How the Hucknall Dispatch reported the show 05/10/07